OSE Group


Adam Huey

Geotechnical Engineer

Professional Overview

I completed my Bachelor of Mining Engineering with Honours at the University of Queensland in 2014.  I commenced employment in Cairns with PDR Engineers and worked initially in the mining industry.  Responsibilities included the compilation, display and analysis of mining geotechnical data and using borehole data to conduct Geophysical Strata Rating (GSR) analyses as well as the mapping and modelling of the resultant data. I am experienced in using Ground Response Curves in modelling underground support and strata properties and can analyse longwall pressure data and the compilation and display of data relating to mining strata.  I have worked with the simulation and modelling of mining excavation and borehole drilling using software including Slide, Phase2/RS2, RS3, FLAC and PFC2D. In the field I have assisted with the installation of strata monitoring instrumentation and undertaken the reading and monitoring of said instrumentation.

In the civil geotechnical field, I undertake project management of investigations and field collection of data for proposed residential, government and commercial construction including overwater drilling, soil logging and penetration testing. This includes the development of site investigation plans and management of contractors to overcome the difficulties of site investigation in remote and regional areas. I am responsible for writing both factual and interpretive geotechnical reports based on this data including site classifications, site and soil evaluation (on-site effluent) reports, slope stability modelling and analysis, and bridge, road and jetty projects.

Career Highlights:

Overwater Drilling – completed overwater drilling investigations, including planning, scheduling, contractor management, site works and reporting for the Yarrabah and Seisia Jetty projects. These projects included transportation of a jack-up barge to site and assembly in remote/regional locations. Project scheduling included the management of the drilling program in accordance with the tides to access close-to-shore drilling locations and shipping schedules to minimise cost to the client.

Regional/Remote Site Investigations – completed geotechnical investigations in a number of remote and regional areas within North Queensland, including the Torres Strait, Cape York, Gulf, Cooktown Region, Atherton Tablelands, Cairns, Cassowary Coast and Burdekin. These investigations range from minimally intrusive Dynamic Cone Penetrometer tests, to extensive test pitting, to borehole drilling investigations.

Geophysical/Visual Borehole Analysis – completed many Geophysical Strata Rating (GSR) analyses for mine sites, using both Gamma and Neutron logs to model rock mass strength. This includes both updates to models for existing minesites and analysis for use by greenfields sites. I have also used borehole visual and geophysical data in WellCAD to identify fracturing, faulting and bedding layers and determine their influence on rock mass properties.